Pickware ERP

The control center for all sales channels

Pickware ERP is the heart of Pickware and offers all ERP functions such as warehouse management, purchasing, shipping and more for your online shop.

All business processes in one place

With Pickware ERP, daily tasks are done quickly. From order entry to picking and shipping, you’ll find all the functions in one place.

  • Warehouse management

    Keep an overview of all warehouses, storage locations and stocks of your sales channels at all times. All stock changes are logged in real time.

  • Demand planning

    Smart demand forecasts and reorder levels help you plan your reordering so there’s always enough stock.

  • Purchasing & Suppliers

    As soon as your demand is planned, you send the reorder directly to your suppliers.

  • Shipping assistance

    With availability indicators and picking lists, picking and shipping your orders is done quickly.

  • Integration of shipping carriers

    Thanks to the direct integration of DHL and GLS, the appropriate shipping label is created with just one click.

Warehouse management
Central overview of all stocks

With Pickware ERP, stocks from all sales channels are always available in one place. Organise products in several warehouses, use different forms of storage and perform stocktaking.

  • Inventory management for all sales channels
  • Multiple warehouses & storage locations
  • Fixed location system & chaotic storage
  • Stocktaking
Smart demand planning

Create reorders for your products with a few clicks using automatic recommendations for order quantity and supplier selection.

  • Smart demand planning & order recommendations
  • Reorders with just a few clicks
  • Management of your suppliers
Complete support in the shipping process

With picking lists, automatic invoice generation and direct integration of shipping carriers, shipping is done quickly.

  • Picking lists for each order
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Creation of shipping labels
  • Shipping notifications by email
Structure in the returns process

With the returns management, you always keep an eye on arriving returns. Processing is done in just a few steps and also allows for partial returns and refunds.

  • Easy returns handling
  • Store or write off products
  • Partial cancellations & partial returns
  • Creation of the cancellation invoice & repayment
Always keep an overview

Various reports, such as the valuation of your inventory, simplify your daily business and the annual financial statement.

  • Legally compliant inventory valuation
  • Revenue, sales ratio & gross profit
  • Warehouse KPIs
  • Documentation of all product movements
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