Pickware WMS

Warehouse and shipping automation

Mobile barcode scanners support your warehouse processes, from receiving to order picking, with a high degree of automation and efficient processes.

Pickware WMS in use
Picking process
Shipping in four simple steps
  • Choose an order

    The orders are sorted by relevance on the mobile barcode scanner. This way you can identify time-critical orders at first sight.

  • Collect and scan the products

    The order items are displayed in a route-optimised sequence. Alternatively, you can pack several orders at the same time.

  • Print the shipping documents

    Documents required for shipping, such as shipping label, invoice and delivery note, are automatically created and printed.

  • Scan the shipping label

    The status of the order will be updated automatically and your customer will receive a shipping confirmation including a tracking link.

Barcode scanners
More efficiency due to barcode-based processes

With mobile barcode scanners, work steps such as keeping lists on paper or manually transferring data are no longer necessary. Digital processes provide efficiency and minimize errors.

  • Durable iOS-based hardware
  • Barcode-based processes
  • High efficiency & operational reliability
  • Documentation of all product movements
Order picking
Error-free order picking

Pickware WMS makes picking a breeze. Orders are easily processed with digital picking lists. Orders can be prioritized, filtered and picked individually or in parallel.

  • Digital picking lists
  • Route optimisation in the warehouse
  • Prioritize & filter orders
  • Single & multi order picking
  • Partial deliveries
  • Automatic document printing
Pack and ship orders

Pack picked orders and automatically print matching shipping labels so that the packages reach your customers in no time.

  • Direct integration of shipping carriers
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels
  • Automatic shipping notifications
  • Picking & packing can be done in separate steps
Easy returns management

Speed up the reception and processing of your returns. Simply scan the package and returned products, restock them and create the cancellation invoice.

  • Barcode-based returns reception
  • Store or write off products
  • Document product conditions with comments & photos
  • Creation of the cancellation invoice & repayment
Receiving & warehouse management
Manage warehouses & stocks

Keep track of the warehouse while on the move. Access product data, move products and receive products simply by scanning barcodes. This way, stocks always remain up to date.

  • Manage warehouses & bin locations
  • Store, retrieve & relocate products
  • Store supplier orders
  • Create & edit products
Count stocks faster

With Pickware WMS, the time-consuming stocktaking with pen and paper becomes obsolete. Simply scan your bin locations, type in the number of products on your scanner and export the stocks.

  • Stocktaking with barcode scanners
  • Documentation in Pickware ERP
  • Legally compliant CSV export
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